Sometimes in life we become distressed because of other people’ behavior either exhibited towards us or towards themselves, this may include a concern for children, deliberate nagging from a spouse or exasperating behavior brought into action by friends and acquaintances. When a distress of such sort is brought to the attention of people, these people come up with the variety of remedies for the betterment of the situation. Although most of the remedies suggested by the people can prove utterly effective, we like to stay in our own bubble and consistently condemn them. Even though the common senses solutions for the very common problems like these can bring about a change but for the most effective change a structured counseling platform is needed.

Samreen-Masud-120x150Ms. Samreen Masud is currently serving as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways Lahore. She has done her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore and her BSc. Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College as well. She has had the experience of working as an intern at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. There she became expert in counseling and relaxation techniques working with cancer patients both adults and children.

Editor: Saad Shaheed

This can be elaborated better with an aid of an example. Once Dr. Sadaqat, who is a CEO of willing ways kept his status on facebook “In one of these days, my patience may evaporate; someone is testing my nerves; what do you suggest, I should do?” Since Dr. Sadaqat is no ordinary person and a status update or such sort coming out of a highly qualified and influential and inspiring person attracted my attention. This status attracted my attention due to various reasons. Over the first glance at the status the first question that stood in my mind was that why would a person of such high skills and grip on the art of living a healthy and utterly positive life could not resolve his own problem. In reality he created this hypothetical situation to invite some common sense solutions for a very common problem that the clients face, that is, losing patience due to the unacceptable behavior of a loved one. Therefore he got received solutions from the facebook friends and pretended to react in the same manner as his clients react during initial phase of counseling. This facebook exercise was done to differentiate between the laymen counseling from that of structured one.


Here is the example now. As soon as he came up with this status, people poured their comments filled with suggestions to help him handle his problem concerned. The response was overwhelming. Most of the people on the facebook came up with good looking suggestions. The suggestions were of three kinds: reverting to religion and holding on to patience by expecting the reward from God, confronting the person concerned and talking it out and lastly taking off from work (time out). Let us sum up those suggestions for the effective clarification of the understanding of the people towards the problems of others.