Tough Love


The purpose of tough love parenting is to grip your position and guide your children in a systematic way that he or she takes the responsibility and changes their behaviors. It is mostly used in critical behaviors like drug addiction or bad behaviors

Tough love parenting rules works in the following situation:

  • When your child does something wrong, don’t suffer their consequences make him suffer the consequences and don’t support him at any cost and if your child is suspended from college due to drug intake then don’t defend him and don’t even support him and make him to suffer the consequences and he get lessons from it.
  • Don’t support him whenever he does wrong things at home or outside home. And ensure him that he suffer the consequences alone.
  • Give respect to your children but also inform the child that you as parents also expect the same respect in return. And also inform that you are dependent on us and it is our right to prevent you to any bad behaviors you adopt. And that is dangerous for the family.
  • Parents must balance the discipline and affection, stick reasonable rules are imposed on the children but along with this there must be warmth and affection that show love and that show the children that stick rules are only for their good future
  • Being a parent you must set limitation and boundaries in a negotiable way so that your children ensure that they follow the limitation and boundaries and perform different tasks in limitation.
  • Parents must use the consequences that children faces and other tools to guide their children and for the development of personal responsibilities
  • Parents must adopt open and encouraging communication styles in their family so that children learn that not anything is too bad that they can talk about it and allow the children to share their feelings and emotions easily.
  • Parents uses the tough love to educate children about admiration, and self respect but it also prepare the children with important and necessary life skills that are needed by children to succeed in their future life.

Parents must need to get training and once they adopting and applying the tough love principles at home for the betterment of their children then it help their children in all aspect of their life and children also give respect to the parents once they become positive and successful in their career and life.

Psychologist Arslan Saleem