Raising children with the help of tough love seemed to be tough at times. Every parent love their children with every inch of their souls, doing their best to fulfill their needs even want at times. Parents do have tendency to quickly give in to their children’s every want. But they need to be aware of the fact that it is their responsibility to make them responsible and self-reliant. Tough love is a tool which will help you in order to properly grip the inevitable disagreements, conflicts, arguments, and even physical battles. Respect and obedience is required and expected from every child in order to comply with parent’s wishes. Children learn what they live, and they will grow up to pass the same onto their own children.

Fariha Naz11Ms. Fariha Naz had served as a trainee clinical psychologist in Psychiatry Department of Jinnah hospital and Mayo Hospital Lahore. These training periods included assessment and management of psychological disorders. In Mayo Hospital she worked in play settings, where she worked on psychological testing. During her training period she consulted books of psychiatry for getting extensive knowledge on medicine for psychiatric patients. She has also conducted workshop on stress management.

Editor:  Hameeda Batool

Most parents think of parenting as some sort of a tool to raise their children. This can turn out to be your gift to yourself as well.  Right parenting offers you more opportunities for growth. Right parenting will set a solid ground and guide kids in a way that motivates them to take responsibility of their acts and make right changes in their behaviors if needed. Some people think that parenting philosophy is primarily geared toward problematic kids, but it is most of the time considered to be the last option in response to self-defeating behaviors e.g. drug use, or dangerous acts involved harming others. How do we define out of control behavior is a big issue here. Any behavior or act which deviates from normal cause’s trouble and results in harming consequences will be considered as out of control behavior. First of all every behavior which is needed to change or replace should be identified. At times bad behaviors are also being reinforced by the family. It doesn’t mean that they actually want to make their kids involve in such harming acts, it’s just lack of awareness or they are unable to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior because of their unconditional love.


As parents we always try to protect our children from harm, even we can’t even let them experience momentary discomfort. But children need those circumstances which lead them to disappointment and frustration, for the sake of learning important lessons. We all make mistakes, because we know that life didn’t come with instructions. To make them strong willed, nothing but tough love gets through. Kids can be difficult to handle at times, but right parenting can make them grow in a great manner. Through tough love it becomes easier to deal with troubled kids. Parents need to stay tough when they are setting limits and boundaries for their kids. Tough love make children take responsibility of their behaviors and whatever choices they make in their lives. They will be accountable for the bad choices if they make. They should be aware of all the boundaries, difference between what is right and wrong for them.