Tough love is defined as the mixed vision of love and grip that expressed in a severe and tough way. In tough love the individual is treating the other person severely out of a desire to help that person


We see that sometimes family members and friends may need to use tough love when dealing with an addict. It can be upsetting to look at this person destroy and demolish their life, but family may feel powerless to stop the corrosion. Family members try very hard to stop him but the addicts are over and over again in absolute denial about their problem.

There often comes a stage when family members understand that being pleasant not working. And being pleasant and nice can be component of the problem because it encourages the addict. This is because those who have become needy and dependent on alcohol or drugs rapidly learn the formula how to control other people in order to fulfill their desire. So the only option left for the family is applying tough love principles against addict.

Enabling and facilitate an addict take place when family and friend try to protect the addict form the consequences and suffering of their actions.  Such shelter and safeguard can be damaging and harmful for a number of reasons which includes:

Mostly addicts will ready to run away their addiction only when they suffer all the negative consequences by him. If family protect him from the negative consequences than he wait to come to a point where he ready to quiet

Encouraging and enabling an addict mean the other peoples suffer the bad consequences of addict behavior and addict remain safe form the bad consequences.

Mostly the addict will habitually have no sense of right and wrong about those persons who are positively trying to help them.

Use tough love principles with an addict and focus the following point in mind that is as follows;

  • You may no longer tolerate the addict to influence those who feel affection for them.
  • It may well to giving the addict a challenge which means that either they get help form us or either they stay away from us. It means that you have to make firm decision and stick to it no matter them no matter how much the addict beg or sweet-talk.
  • You may also no longer give any sort of financial assistance to the addicts.

Tough love principles help us to force the individual getting help for their addiction. And it is usually involves family and friends getting together to deal with the addict. The mutual cooperation in order to deal with the addicts makes huge positive impacts and results to cure addicts form addiction.

Psychologist Arslan Saleem