Every Sunday a multinational company was posting job advertisement in well known newspapers. They want to fill up a key post in their organization. Every day they were interviewing around twenty people. But sill they were unable to find appropriate candidate for the job. The people whom they were interviewing were qualified but not competent enough to work for the organization.

On the other side there is a young man of around twenty five years of age. He was visiting each and every corner of the city for finding a job. He was good in academics. He attained all his degrees with distinction. His attire of disappointment canfawad-aly-shah easily be judged from a distance. All of his academic qualifications were unable to give him any solutions. “This country does not reward talented people” this phrase has become a tag line for him. He was living his youth like an old man.

Also, there was a professor who was teaching a subject in a University for lost two decades. His teaching style was same as he used to   be taught by his professor. He did not study the job market about his subject. He was unaware of the fact of current job trends. He was unaware of the difficulties student faced after grabbing the degree from the university. All of these stories reflect the crux of unemployment scenarios.

To understand the job market; we first must understand the demand and supply mechanism of job market. Always remember that jobs are created by the difference between the two of aforesaid mechanism. The trio of employee employer and teaching system are fundamentals of job market. Employers are finding for a suitable candidate, candidates are qualified but not competitive or skillful due to lack of quality training. Trainers are unaware of the latest trends. So, this vicious cycle creates unemployment and reduced jobs in job market.

Unemployment is a global phenomenon. According to a survey 19.7 million people are unemployed in this world. Employment guarantees us monetary rewards. To remain unemployed creates lots of financial hurdles. Psychologist has explained that people actually do not want jobs they just need monetary rewards associated with it. Actually they need money to run the affairs of their life.

Here are some tips which are quite useful to solve the problem of unemployment.


Always remember that not everyone is suitable for job. Many people possess great qualities to become good businessmen, but they give their services for every little perks. If you think that you are good at managing business, stop searching for a job and make plans for starting a good business. Try to be an engine of a train rather being end up like a compartment.


We change our old cloths, we change our old shoes but we are unable to change our habits which create a strong barrier against our chances to be successful. Researchers have shown that normally three factors are seen in unemployed people on average. They lack in self confidence. They portray weak personalities. They have commitment issues. If you don’t believe in yourself how it is possible that others will believe you. If you are not good at dressing or your health is a bit messy. It shows a weak tendency towards your own self. If you are not able to fulfill your commitments, you are not punctual and unable to work under stress. All these factors are creating a barrier in your life. Try to identify your patterns and solve them out accordingly.


Many people are unaware of the skills and etiquettes of giving interviews. They are unaware of the fact that how to enter or leave room? How to talk during the interview? How to carry you within the conversation? These skills are very important along with the qualification. Many people do not hold substantial information about the job they are applying for you must read all the necessary information about the job you are applying for. This will show your interest in the job before hand.


Many young people as soon they complete their degrees wish for a very ideal job. They think their efforts are done now. Its company’s responsibility to nature their needs according to their wishes. In all developed countries young people go for internships. Mostly of them are unpaid. It harnesses their abilities and makes it clear to them the scope of their chosen profession.

Job hunting is a difficult task. If you are capable then someone is there in the job market searching for you. If you are not capable enough try to build yourself according to the needs of job market.; The chances which come into our lives are like good people if we don’t treat them well they will ran away and never come back.