The light bulb is said to be marked as representation of all the knowledge in the world. If we divide it into three parts like (tip, base, body) then metaphorically tip depicts everything we know. The base is all about your awareness of unknown things. Finally the body part reflects what is outside the realm of our comprehensions about our possibilities towards life. Creativity fills the gap of our comprehensions about our capacity of doing things. Many of us are not trained to be creative since childhood. Our surroundings trained us to perceive creativity as giving up of all daily routines and hide ourselves from others in the search of one big idea. In fact it is not like that. It is just having a word with you. Knowing the canvas of your skills, how you can do different tasks in different manners. Following tips are quite useful in unleashing the creativity within oneself:

Trust Your Intuition:
When you grew up doubting yourself you
fawad-aly-shahbelieved that others had the way better answers than of yours. In doubting; we constantly talk to our selves, it leaves very little space for creative thoughts. We all are blessed with inner knowing. Intuition is just such an insight which happens at the right time and at the right place. It comes from our essence when we are relaxed, unaware, doing something else or nothing at all. These small nudges are very help in creative process always trust your intuition, because it is well thought of process at unconscious level.

Be Curious Not Smart:
In pursuit of happiness we sometime lost the sense of curiosity. We stop looking the world as if from a child’s perspective. Being logical, analyzed is not a bad thing but balance crumble out when we miss the actual proportionate between being logical and creative. In the journey of creativity be more curious and do not give merely answers to questions explore them.

Accept Failure:
By definition failure means not reaching to something which you have set for a specific time period. See failure as a possibility. Like Walt Disney does, He was fired by a newspaper for lacking of new ideas. Leo Tolstoy the author War and Peace was expelled out of college. He was described as both unable and unwilling to learn. In-fact success depends on being willing to fail-often.

Think Out of The Box:
Try new things in life. Add a bit spice of new activates into your routine. It will help you to see your ordinary routine from a different perspective. Take a different routine work. Listen to music, you don’t listen usually. Explore new places and eat food you have never eaten before. All these small steps will help you think out of the box. It will unlock your hidden qualities, and help you to concentrate on given task from a different approach.

It is simply being open to new ideas without judgment. It is a great activity to find out new solutions without being critical to them. Unfortunately, finding faults and concentrating on bad news absorb our energies. People often believe that being critical means they are smarter or better judge the problem. Brainstorming activities activates exploring mechanism of our brain. It detaches from being argumentative. By this we really come up with ideas which can change the course of our life.

To conclude:Out deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure.” – Marianne Williamson