Addiction is basically a brain disorder in which the addictive substances are set into a body; those substances have chemicals that move into brain while stimulating the limbic system of the brain also known as the pleasure center, thus massive sensations of gratification develops as a result. The limbic system of the brain balances out the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for decision-making and judgment. Well actually it works as when the Limbic system says ‘YES’ to drugs and asks for more and more, the prefrontal cortex is supposed to look at the consequences and should reply ‘NO’. But unfortunately when the brain is altered again and again by the use of drug and alcohol, addiction takes place. This is when the prefrontal Cortex becomes disabled and is unable to perform the duty of stopping. This makes the person to experience the consequences till the use to supersede the associated pleasure.

haroon christyHaroon Christy Munir is the Director of Sadaqat Clinic Lahore and also working as Counselor at Willing Ways (pvt) Ltd. He has done Master’s in Business Administration from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and afterwards M.Sc Management from Leeds business School, United Kingdom. He is well known for counseling on assertiveness, life strategies, personality development of patients and family therapy.  He has positive approach and attitude towards life and is skilled in personal development planning, time management and prioritization.

Editor: Saad Shaheed

Let’s understand this through a boiling frog phenomenon. When we throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog recognizes the danger and gets into an effort to pull himself out of the boiling water whereas on the other hand if the same frog is thrown into a pot of lukewarm water, the frog falls asleep as his senses get dull and eventually he gets boiled. Addicts act the very same way as they continue taking drugs they become used to such changes and fall prey to the trap of this cunning and baffling disease. This than eventually leads them to the boiling water – the consequences.


Addiction is a disease and is of different from cough or flue. In simple words it is not an event rather it is a process. It has four characteristics: Primary, Chronic, Progressive and Fatal. By chronic mean that it’s long lasting. Disease that worsens up over the span of time is referred as progressive. Being Primary indicates that the source does not depend on some other circumstance and potentially fatal refers to that addiction kills.