Bipolar disorder is a great challenge for family to deal with some one suffering from it. It manifests differently in each person and family. Knowing how to deal with a bipolar will help to relate with and help that person.

First step in this regard is to Educate Yourself. Understanding the facts behind bipolar disorder will help you better relate to that person. The next important thing is that Don’t Stereotype the Person. Be open to the unique characteristics of the individual instead of focusing on the common features of the disease.

Be Honest about Your Relationship. Your options for dealing with a manic depressive person will depend on your relationship to that person. Another important thing is Learn to Recognize Symptoms. By understanding the triggers and warning signs of both manic and depressed episodes, you can batter deal.

Support the Individual is another important element. It helps the person to recover and to avoid relapsing. Don’t argue especially during manic periods. Just remember that anything they say might be the illness talking. The most vital step is to Get Help.

Bipolar disorder can lead people to do dangerous things. Professional help can bring back lost equilibrium in the family life.

By Ammara Hashmi