In the midst of a tortured relationship Wolfgang flowed her emotions out with the help of paintbrush. She was going through bipolar disorder, with signs of anger and depression. She have done a chain of art work that puts the light on her sorrows. After the completion of her project work, it was surely a catharsis that secure my soul.

Everything is started to crash around her, because she has running business in New York in 2004. She became detached from relationships and closed her studio. She wanted to become a powerful journey to maintain emotional balance. She said that: the way I deal with my problems through pouring my emotions from my heart into my drawings.

The name she labeled to her project was “Crazy Creation” which is displayed by Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan. The exhibit sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Connecticut and it is titled “Art Talks”.

Rabia-ZaidiMiss Rabia Zaidi  is working as a Clinical Psychologist in Willing Ways Karachi. She has graduated from highly reputed College D.A Degree College for Women (DHA) in 2011, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Library & Information Science, Education and Urdu Advance with First Division and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She is interested in Educational Activities and attended many seminars.

Editor: Mr. Wakeel Murad

Those paintings reflects her miseries about her struggle with mental illness. Wolfgang’s Westport inside home image highlights her self-portraits expressing her and her daughter’s agony. Faces with no expression, hollowed out eyes and pain skin. It is common thing that healthy member of a family also being targeted by mental illness of their close ones. At this position it is a dire need to talk freely about mental illness in the family and should not be stigmatized by society.



In American adults living with bipolar disorder around 3% each year. It causes drastic mood swings from feeling of high to low or irritable to sad and hopeless. Severe changes in energy and  behaviour go along with these episodes. The circulation of highs and lows are known as episodes of mania and depression and people may suffer for years before it is properly treated and diagnosed. Approximately half of the people at the age of 25 have their first bipolar disorder symptoms in childhood.