If IQ is not it, then what is? Let’s try the Emotional Quotient – EQ.  Jack Mayer, Ph.D. – a psychology professor at the University of New Hampshire – and Peter Salovey, Ph.D., a psychologist at Yale, formally conceptualized the concept of in 1990. However, it wasn’t until Goleman’s first book, “Emotional Intelligence”, and the expanded perspective on its competencies and capacities in his second book, “Working with Emotional Intelligence” (1998) – that emotional intelligence theory was actively applied to the mainstream business and private worlds of people.

rahimeen-ahmadEmotional intelligence is another criterion that has emerged on the map of intelligences relatively recently. People are acquainted with this term but are oblivious to its powers and influence in life. However, this yardstick is of no new revelation to those behind the rage in competence – at home or in the corporate world. Successful global communicators are those who have refined their emotional and communication competencies to a fine art. The classification of various skills under one banner – “emotional intelligence” – with an accompanying scientific-base and a systematized approach to personal development is a contemporary phenomenon.

So what exactly is EQ? It is a quantifiable measure of your emotional intelligence.  It is your ability to use both, emotions and cognitive skills at once. Its dimensions include, but are not limited to, empathy, intuition, creativity, flexibility, resilience, coping, stress management, leadership, integrity, authenticity, intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills.

The key driving force of success in career & domestic life, and an obliged audience is this mantra of emotional management. In fact, it is so indispensable that experts like Goleman explain how its absence whilst in the presence of the IQ of a genius means absolutely nothing big for the possessor. It is worthless because there is no point in possessing a quality that others cannot relate to and you can’t benefit from. Having said that, a superior IQ paired with sound EQ is a jackpot!

In our last part of this topic we will attempt to explain the difference between the two competencies (IQ & EQ) to make their utilization more accessible in our daily lives.