Depression and anxiety are nothing but natural feelings to every human being. It is a part of a normal life of a normal person. But it becomes abnormal when it is hard to manage, because its intensity affects directly to the functioning of a person. Depression and anxiety are rooted in our basic emotions. Depression is related to sadness and anxiety is lifted up from fear. The main purpose of these emotions is to help a person for performing survival actions. In this way they are supportive to move forward successfully. In our life sadness helps the recover grief or loss while fear prepares us to handle dangers.

But the situation turns opposite when these emotions become a big hindrance to meet our goal. For example a student exposed to anxiety round the year may have good and in time learning and study by devoting his days and nights to his performance, but when the same emotions over power him during his exams, his performance will be affected and he may fail in his exams. Similarly the same emotion may affect differently on different students. e.g.: A student may take these emotions or apprehension as a motivation for his best performance while contrary another student may lose his sleep., appetite and enthusiasm under the trance of the same apprehension.

Shumaila-BatoolMiss Shumaila Batool is completed Masters in Clinical Psychology, DCCP (Diploma in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy), and internship from Mayo Hospital. She did her research on ‘Autism’ in which the main focus was the effect of behavior modification techniques. She participated in various workshops, such as, ADHD, Stress Management in students, REBT, CBT, Awareness of HIV/AIDS and Time Management.

Editor: Miss Samreen Masud

As it is already discussed that sadness (depression) is a helpful emotion as for as the recovery of a loss is concerned. So depression is in a way a helpful emotion for grief recovery.

Because depression takes us towards the acceptance of a grief or loss and this acceptance is the foremost step towards the management steps. So both these emotions are necessary for a person to function normally in his or her life but at the same time intensity of these emotions leads us towards disorders and despair.


Researchers have found that although genes and environment play major roles in the diagnosis of Depression and anxiety disorder but stress coping mechanisms of a person also play a vital role. Well-wishers of humanity have done great things in this reference and a lot of work is in process all over the world for introducing strategies to overcome anxiety and depression as a mandatory act/step towards a successful and contented life. These emotions cannot be discarded or deleted but only can be managed by adopting different coping mechanisms to keep them under a safe level to function normally in life.