Being Assertive represents an idea to communicate openly, gently and humbly with others; it depicts a picture of healthy communication between two or more people. When an individual learn to handle aggressive style during conversation then he will be self assured and confident, by this way he can achieve command on assertive communication style. According to the psychologist or psychotherapist it is a learning skill and better way of communication. It is seen as strength of person when talk assertively in any situation. For an effective expression of thoughts and feelings dealing with assertiveness is important. It is a useful tool for anyone that he or she can utilize both personally and professionally.

Afreen-Muhammad-NaseemMiss Afreen Naseem completed M.Phil from Institute of Clinical Psychology. After completion of study she worked at Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living as a Research Assistant/Clinical Psychologist. Her skills are in the domain of Psychotherapy Psychological and IQ assessment, Interview and History Taking, skilled in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy and Family therapy.She had an internship experience in Karachi Psychiatric Hospital and PNS Shifa Hospital as an Internee Clinical Psychologist.

Editor: Wakeel Murad

Difference in Communication Styles

First of all clear understanding should be develop regarding the differentiation between an individual who communicate in assertive manner from one who talk oppositely. When an individual learn articulate his outlook, views, beliefs, emotions and desires straightly and honestly then he said to be an assertive person. At the same time this skill facilitates him to be respectful toward the feelings of him as well as others. On the other hand someone who is afraid of being assertive implement a passive-aggressive style of communication with others which elicit through hostility, procrastination, inflexibility, resentment , intentional or constant failure to complete the assigned duty for which he or she is accountable. Not just a person adopt a passive aggressive style in his everyday dealing but sometime he become aggressive while having conversation or ask for needs and wants.


People have to face lot of problems and hurdles when they do not communicate in assertive way, the very obvious signs are low self esteem and low confidence. A good self esteem and confidence level is necessary for all of us in more or less every area of our lives to attain goal to a satisfactory level which we want. Undoubtedly, it is the matter of consideration that once the confidence level decline then negatively influences person self-esteem which further give a way to begin many behavioral and emotional problems. Thus, people need to learn assertiveness skill for effective communication. In assertive communication individual learn to claim personal rights and expression of thoughts in open manner; they are confident enough to stand for their position in society. It is a matter of how one sees his life, what he want and feel.