Denial is anordinary and natural response to avoid the negative consequences those are caused by our false thinking, talking and actions.These negative pain and consequences are avoided by using the set of unconscious and automatic thoughts. These thoughts keep us away from the pain and accountability form our negative actions, thoughts and deeds. This all process is called denial.

Denial is a normal human defense mechanism against painful, negative thoughts and emotions. It is just as our body has immune system and mind has mental immune system. It is part of our psychological defense system. It is automatic system and active when it perceives any threat and danger against ego. It saves our ego from pain and other negative experience and keep it satisfies. It always gives message to mind and ago that everything is ok and there is no pathology here. If it detects any pathology it refute or deny it and it is its natural duty.

Jafar-Ali-2Mr. Jafar Ali is MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. He did MSc in Applied psychology from Institute of Applied Psychology University of the Punjab. Jafar has served as a trainee clinical psychologist at the adult psychiatry ward of Services Hospital Lahore for and Mayo Hospital Lahore, during which time he conducted detailed assessment and management sessions with clients afflicted with a range of psychological disorders. Jafar is expert in CBT, REBT and Behavior therapy.

Editor: Mr. Jafar Ali

Denial is our defense mechanism and protects us from pain and ego threatening feelings in all critical situations. We have fragile ego and always try to save it. We start believing in our own lies. Infect we are not lying to our self it is our perception that deluded us.  Because our ego is in threat and don’t allow us to face realities and evidence those are against it. We don’t want to see the bitter realities. Here is a difference between deceive and denial. In denial we are right in our own perception and just following our automatic and unconscious commands to avoid the pain. But in decisiveness we are opposite of it. We are aware that we are wrong and make a conscious effort to deceive others. 


Every day almost every human uses denial from minor to major in quality and quantity. Our brain has Reticular Activating System (RAS). It is a perceptual and thought screening automatic system of our brain. It works on values system for brain. It locks the mind and evaluates the stress. If it is normal and healthy stress, gives message to brain it is pay value (it is good) and if unhealthy it has threat value (not good for me). Human brain is programmed to consider relevant and irrelevant values also. Brain immune system always works on the bases of good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, pay value or threat value etc. The first duty of this immune system against any negative or threat value is to DENY.