We all read the famous story of Alice in Wonderland. In a setting when Alice comes to the junction in the road which leads to different directions. She asks the Cheshire cat for help? She said “would you tell me, which way I choose to go from here”? The answered “That depends on where you want to get to”. Alice replied “I don’t know where I should go”. The catfawad-aly-shah smiled and said “Then it does not matter which way you go”. Moral of the conversation tells us that if we don’t know where we want to go? Then any road will take us and it does not really matter what we do in life.

The reason of why so many people fail to achievefawad-aly-shah something in life is that they never really set goals for anything. How many of us have asked following questions from ourselves?What are our greatest professional and personal abilities and liabilities?

What are our most important personal and professional goals for this year?

What will our professional level and annual income in five years? There is a very interesting fact in this entire scenario. Once we set our goals, our mind constantly monitors self-talk and environmental feedback about it. Then our self esteem takes over. If we are positive about our self then this gives us strength to achieve our destiny. Otherwise vague, random thoughts will corner us. It gives us frustration and we end up like nobody. By definition goals are “specific, action-oriented targets that can be defined, discussed, visualized and committed to writing”. According to experts goal should be just out of your current reach, but not out of sight. There is a little difference between goals and dreams, Dreams are goals in the formative stage psychologist say that night dreams are subconscious episodes that help us resolve our emotional conflicts.

Here are some tips which will very helpful in setting and achieving your goals.

Set Short-Term Goals:

Set short-range goals that build your long range purpose. It is more effective way to start setting the process of goals setting. Establish goal for a month. Attach specific time limits and an effective measuring strategy.

Goals Must Be Realistic:

Goads must be realistic and measurable in nature. Set goals that are not only purposeful but specific and attainable also. Use an incremental approach to success. By setting short-term realistic goals – It is easier to make corrections. The achievement though small wins also builds your confidence.   

Avoid Group Thinking:

Always surround yourself with motivated individuals interested in growth and prosperity. Seek advice from moral boosters. Avoid such people who detract you from your goals by naming it hard to achieve. Review your goals with experts not with critics or pessimists. 

Grab A Reward In Advance:

Establish a ceremony in advance; that you will have something specific to celebrate when you have attained your goal. It may be a family dinner, trip, movie, shopping or anything which make you happy.

Never express or discuss your feelings and actions with cynics. Share your dreams with people who really care about and want to help you. Make sure you take the advice of winner. Remember misery loves company. Don’t let the technique of affirmation and simulation give you wrong impression about attaining your goals. Mind is goal-seeking by design. Successful individual are proper example of this phenomena, they have game plans and goals that are clearly defined. They know where they are heading on daily, monthly basis. Success just doesn’t happen in their lives. It’s really important to us to know the difference between goal achieving actions and activates or actions that are just tension relieving.

To conclude am inspirational through from Lou Holtz “If you are bored with life you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things-you don’t have enough goals.”