We  hear the advertisements calling out to us. "lose 30 pounds in a month and NEVER regain ,  Get the body you want by eating WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want,  Just buy our (expensive) diet and herbal water to start the fat burning process". Results guaranteed? 
Research after research has shown that the faster these people lose the weight, the sooner it comes  back , it seems there is no easy and simple way to do this.  Or is there? 
 A Meta analysis of most popular diets found some very interesting findings on the diets 


  • All diets work, 
  • If  followed completely, 
  • But people don't follow most of the time. And that's why they fail. 

muhammadaliWhen people eventually fail in such crash dieting the first thing they do is blame themselves. Of course this never helps rather it sets up everything as a cycle of yo-yo dieting and self-berating. Ironically the only thing they seem to lose is their self-esteem.  

"Why couldn't I just find the discipline to be able to adhere to this diet, if only it was possible for me to have more willpower…? “And so the cycle goes on and on.  


New research in change management shows that this very act of blaming ourself actually makes things worse for us. We fail not because of a lack of willpower but because we don't have a plan. And not just any plan but a flexible one that allows us to be curious about little setbacks and continuously refine them.  


The problem is that a diet taken straight out of a book or one that we read about on the internet isn’t really made for us. It’s a result of a huge generalization about how the author thinks the diet may work for us. We need something that's based on sound science coupled with all the help we can get from every person, object, and piece of technology we can think of.  


This seems like a matter of "smart work". Because the best way to lose weight permanently and safely is to follow life changing habits applied to those moments in time when we need them the most!  Let’s face it, as much as we love, donuts, biryani and fast food, we're not crazy about them all the time.   In the next part of this article we'll talk about how exactly we can foster these habits and what methods of self-assessment, self-management to use.