The secret of human wisdom and its knowledge lies in the ability to ask questions. When an individual comes into this world the desire of knowing things comes along. In reality a kid starts its journey about curiosity since his inception. When he is able to utilize his senses, he starts to explore the world around him. Like a scientist he wants to do experiments with his reality. When he starts to speak up, never ending phenomena of questioning also starts. Why sky looks blue? At night where does the sun go?fawad-aly-shah Who is behind this functionality of world around us? By asking such questions a kid enhances his information and knowledge.

In early years of our life, our curiosity about knowledge is at its peak. With the passage of time our ability to learn and question decreases. It is said that all the dignitaries and legends of our world has the ability to ask right questions about their environment. This characteristic helped them build a larger life image in the society. All of their life revolves around the curiosity and questioning about the surrounding in which they are living.

The true challenge of our life is to utilize our ability to ask question and progress in such a way which is suitable for us. In history the name of Leonardo Divinci is at top when it comes to having creative skills. He was not only a legendary painter but a notable philosopher, engineer, scientist and inventor as well. We find blue prints of cycle, airplane and helicopter like inventions in his early writing. Having posed the infinite ability to think creatively, this maestro also possesses the art of asking right questions. Divinci always kept a diary along with him. He wrote all his thoughts and imaginations in this diary. These pages were a treasure of folklore, jokes, quotes of influential people, letters, philosophical thoughts, planning’s of new inventions, animals, plants characteristics and information about paintings. According to divinci the process of writing down all observations and questions about anything is of great importance.

Using divinci wisdom we also can progress our habit of keeping a note book along our side. Such note book contains information about things in which we have profound interests. We can also make a file of different topics which are of great importance in our life such as health and household tips.

Writing such a note book will help us in many ways. We should start by writing the questions about the topics which fascinate us. Such questions are of pivotal importance and have widespread effect in our lives. Such keystones questions are listed below.

1. When do I feel that I am truly expressing myself?

2. What is my biggest talent?

3. Which one thing in my life if I start today will make my life better?

4. How many interests become sources of income for me?

5. Who are the people I admire for mentoring?

6. How can I benefit others in more appropriate manner?

7. What is my biggest desire?

8. How may best friend, my worst opponent, my boss and my family rate me?

9. Which qualities I possess naturally?

10. What kind of legacy do I left before I die?

Allocating time for thinking on these questions will make us happy and content. By observing our attitudes towards these questions will show us our priorities in life. We will come to know that where our abilities are consuming and what are our true potentials. We will be able to know how we are contributing to other people’s life. By thinking for answering such questions, we can see our shortcomings. We can start a struggle to overcome our faults. By acknowledging such questions, a proper image of ourselves will reveal before us.