Written by:
Maymoona Zahid

Our face is one of the basic visible structure among our whole body. Some say face is the magic mirror of our personality which reveals our hidden emotions and thoughts too but some say face can hide our secret thoughts and emotions which we don’t want to reveal in front of others.

Recent researches support the former point of view more i.e. what we feel internally can be displayed by our face towards the other people. We cannot hide the feelings of discussed, happiness and excitement displayed on our face through the gestures. 

Maimoona Zahid is a strong communicator, enthusiastic and ambitious person. She is a very well motivated Clinical psychologist with an ability to work positively and therapeutically with a wide range of clientele along with being able to deal the clients from different age groups.

Editor: Haroon Christy

It’s difficult to control the facial expressions in any given situation but one can practice it controlling as in some situations it blows one down like if you are somewhere to buy a luxury car and you are bargaining over the price then the excitement and the confirmation that you are definitely going to buy that car through your facial expressions may convey the seller that you are definitely interested and are going to buy at any cost. So he might not lessen the cost and this could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Similarly, if you’re at a very boring meeting or family gathering, showing your desire to escape could be pretty offensive to everyone who’s trying to create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.

As we say face is the mirror into our heart, it’s also the cultural mirror or we can say the ethnicity mirror. It also displays the situation under you are going through. For example: People from various ethnicities have different faces and face cuts. Chinese may have small eyes, Africans may have bold features and dark colors, people from Asia may have even features with wheatish complexion. Face also displays the situation one goes through like a smokers may have various wrinkles on his/her face, where as if a person is going through a constant stress their face may display a very pale color with constricted face features.

If we start thinking of the conversations we have had with the people whose faces and gestures were very expressive. They relate a story to you about some trouble they encountered, and as they do, you see frown lines form, their eyes broaden with excitement, their mouth turn downward and maybe there’s a flash of teeth. Conversely, such people tell funny stories with similar animation, but in these cases, their mouth is in more or less a constant smile. There are different meanings of facial expressions in both genders.

Many researchers suggest that if a women is caught in contemplation (i.e., not smiling), people are more likely to think she’s angry than if a man shows the exact same facial expression. A woman who doesn’t smile is assumed to be in a bad mood because, so the theory goes, women are expected to smile at all times. Through cultural conditioning, women have learned that in order for people to like them, they have to wear a smile even if they don’t think anything is particularly funny. Men who look thoughtful are seen as serious; women with the same expression are perceived as unfriendly and unlikeable.